Following artists/DJs or tracks from that artists have been remixed
and/or (co-)produced by SUDAD G.

Folgende Künster/DJ's werden derzeit von SUDAD G geremixt
bzw. co-produziert:



EDUARDO TRISTAO, started as a professional DJ in the end of 80's and can look back on numerous
worldwide bookings. 1998 he was the resident DJ of VIVA Clubrotation at Koenigsburg Krefeld and filled many legendary clubs e.g. Ratinger Hof, MK 2, Club 25, Union Rave TOR 3 (Duesseldorf) and Tribehouse in Neuss. 2001 he released his first record "Comfort in Strangers" together with DJ Frank Starr at Netrecord-z. Several times he had gigs at EINSLIVE Partyservice and was resident of Empire Plaza (Wesel), Bagghy and TOR 3 (Duesseldorf) etc.

EDUARDO TRISTAO is also spinnin music at different kind of worlwide industry events for companies like smart, Daimler, Citroen, VW and Porsche! He also accompains Mercedes GP at different Formula 1 events.

Together with SUDAD G he has remixed 2014 the song "Alone" of the irish band Delorean Suite, and in 2013 the 80s classics of Bryan Adams "Run To You"(watch out Sudad G & DJ Tristao vs Bryan Adams - Run To You.)
Beside that he recently released several co-productions with SUDAD G for labels like attractive!, Housesession / Sume Music / Phunky Rabbit Records and Deeptown Music.

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EDUARDO TRISTAO, der schon seit Ende der Achtziger Jahre als Profi-DJ  weltweit unterwegs ist, kann bislang zahlreiche Bookings vorweisen. 1998 war er z. B. Resident der VIVA Clubrotation in der Königsburg Krefeld und brachte in bekannten Clubs wie Ratinger Hof, MK 2, Club 25, Union Rave TOR 3 (Düsseldorf) und im legendären Tribehouse Neuss die Party zum kochen.
2001 bildete er zusammen mit dem Düsseldorfer DJ Frank Starr das Coprojekt TRISTARR, das mit der
Single "Comfort in Strangers" auf Netrecord-z debütierte. Bereits mehrere Male hat EDUARDO TRISTAO für den EINSLIVE Partyservice aufgelegt und war Resident in verschiedenen Clubs wie dem Empire Plaza in Wesel, der Bhaggy und im TOR3 in Düsseldorf usw.

legt auch weltweit auf diversen Industrie-Events auf wie z.B. für smart, Daimler, Citroen, VW und Porsche! Außerdem begleitet er Mercedes GP auf diversen Formel 1 Events.

Zusammen mit SUDAD G remixte er 2014 den Titel "Alone" der irischen Band Delorean Suite, sowie im Jahre 2013 den 80er Klassiker von Bryan Adams "Run To You".(siehe auch Sudad G & DJ Tristao vs Bryan Adams - Run To You.)
Daneben erscheinen in 2014 mehrere Co-Produktionen mit SUDAD G für Labels wie attractive!, Housesession / Sume Music / Phunky Rabbit Records und Deeptown Music.

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The hottest and most talked about producers in house music
are Sean Grasty and DJ Rikky Rivera known around the world
as the "GROOVE ADDIX". This New York City production duo's
very first project together peaked interest with all of the major
players and was quickly signed by Defected Records.

GROOVE ADDIX have already produced original songs for
Legendary House Diva's SuSu Bobien and Annette Taylor as well
as current projects that include International Pop Superstar Joi
Cardwell, Sophia May, the Queen of Gospel Energy Dawn Tallman,
Charlene "Chanelle" Blair,Monia Amore' Xaveria Gold, Kardri Anne
and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson (Courtesy of Warner
Chapell Music).

SUDAD G have remixed together with DJ GEEHAN their latest
productions "What You Need", "Higher than High" and "Ive Fallin".


DJ GEEHAN is spinnin records for 20 years starting to play SOUL-FUNK
in the mid 80's on several partys. After discovering HOUSE MUSIC he lost
himself in this beautiful sound and starting to mix House Music on several
clubs round germany. Learning to use computers,drum maschines and
sampler let him start to produce his own beats.
Finally the meeting of SUDAD G in germanys biggest "MUSIC STORE" has
become to musically and technically friendship wich lives until today on
several collab remix-productions between SUDAD G and DJ GEEHAN like right
now for
GROOVE ADDIX from NYC and several releases on Phunky Rabbit Records (UK)
and Soul Shift Music

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                                                                                                  JENNIFER MC MAHON
                            ALEX MILLA                                                    (DELOREAN SUITE)

                         SOPHIA MAY                                                  TASCHA JOHNSON    

                   JERMAINE DALRYMPLE                                              JM BROWNE


                              DEBBIE SHARP                                                  LINNETTE TAYLOR

                       JANINE JOHNSON                                                                  JENNA SUMMER

                                  CHANELLE                                                       JENNY CRUZ

                        LIAH WALKER                                              SHARON FRANCIS
LAYLA JANE                                                                         ADRIENNE NAILS